Seal Coat and Striping

Pavement sealer is the key to a successful pavement maintenance program. An asphalt parking lot can last up to 25 years with proper surface treatment. This surface treatment is pavement protection from oxidation and ultraviolet rays, moisture, and chemicals like salts, gasoline and oils. We offer several pavement sealer products to meet your projects needs and budgets.
  • Commercial grade pavement sealers on parking lots and roadways, and driveways
  • Alternative pavement sealers — various products for commercial applications
  • Sport surfacing for Tennis courts and Basketball courts
  • Wheel stops (parking bumpers)
At Diamond Constructor’s Inc., we will give recommendations as to when your asphalt pavement should be sealed in order to maximize your investment. 
Asphalt plays a vital role in both our economy and day to day lives. It allows life and commerce to flourish and enables us to get from point A to point B. At Diamond Constructors Inc., we specialize in pavement markings so that commercial trucks and passenger cars can safely navigate and drive on our roads and highways.